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Rita Esderts, Artist

curriculum vitae

Name Rita Esderts
Born 1951, Germany
Nationality German
Countries of residence Indonesia, Sudan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vanuatu, Germany

art studies

Sculpting in soap stone Germany
Pottery Indonesia
Chinese brush painting Malaysia
Portrait drawing Pakistan
Nude drawing and painting Indonesia
Sculpting, bronze and resin Indonesia

Since the early days of my childhood I took a keen interest in all kinds of handicraft and artistic works and enjoyed drawing and creating things by hand.
In Northern Germany, where I grew up, I took my first somewhat more serious steps towards art in 1973 by learning to work with soapstone. I stayed true to this medium after moving to Berlin, the artistic melting pot of my country. After extensive travels through Asia and Africa from 1976 to 1978 I moved to Indonesia with my husband. The originally planned 2 years turned into 6 of the most memorable years of my life, during which I had the chance to study pottery, experimenting with various ways of shaping and practicing different techniques.
The Sudan, our adopted country for the next two years, I found rather dry - climatic as well as artistic.
Our next stop was Malaysia where I was lucky enough to be accepted by one of the leading masters of Chinese brush-painting who introduced me to that art form. Later, whilst based in Islamabad/Pakistan, I took to portrait drawing which during our second stay in Jakarta from 2000 to 2006 became the base for nude drawing and painting. Fascinated by the beauty and many varied proportions and expressions of the human body I eventually got the urge to give my projects a three-dimensional perspective.

This art form became my passion for some years now and so far culminated in a series of bronze and plated resin sculptures, which reflect observations and impressions gathered from my surroundings. The many facets of the human form and its emotions as well as social, gender, and environment issues became a rich source for my endeavors and never cease to inspire me. I was lucky enough to see my works shown in several exhibitions and to get much positive feedback and encouragement. Some of my pieces have found good homes in places such as Indonesia, Australia, Syria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany and that is an immense source of satisfaction and pride for me.
Back in Berlin now I continue acrylic painting and collages. On the three dimensional sector at present I mainly use clay, soapstone, sandstone and alabaster. Also some small installations of rock and bronze have been created. My wish for the future is to continue to travel, to gather additional inspirations from other places, people, cultures and to be able to transform that into more art work.

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